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iDENTITY is an award-winning, Latino & Veteran-owned production company with 20+ years of comprehensive experience. We create compelling campaigns for top brands, studios, and networks, specializing in live-action and virtual production, visual effects, editorial, and creative direction. We’ve collaborated with a range of talents, from A-list celebrities to Olympians, accommodating productions and budgets of any size. We utilize a diverse crew, to craft authentic narratives that set the standard for innovative, inclusive storytelling on a global scale.

Intern’s First Day

As an introduction to our company, we created this quick video ‘Intern’s First Day.’ 
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Our Clients

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Behind every story, there are talented individuals.
Our Los Angeles headquarters curates diverse and experienced teams of any size around the globe.

  • Shimooi

  • Jay Torres

  • Matteo Santoro

  • Stefan Chao

  • Roland Mesa

  • Pat Santana

  • Alberto Belli

  • Stephan Bataillard

  • Thomas Trail


Senior VFX Artist/VFX Supervisor

Shimooi is an esteemed VFX artist, achieving numerous accolades for her pioneering work. Notably, she demonstrated new design techniques for Adobe Software at the National Association of Broadcasters convention and has been featured in several articles and books on design, effects, and compositing. Her visual style, design, and VFX have been implemented throughout the industry including “Empire” for Fox, “Mr. Mom” for Vudu, “CSI: NY” for CBS, “Night Stalker” for ABC/Touchstone and THEA award-winning “Disaster Studios” for Universal Studios Orlando. Shimooi has designed promos for Fox Television, ABC, NBC, CBS, DirecTV and an extensive list of music videos. Her commercial work includes projects for Sony, TWA, Salomon, Kenwood, and HBO among others. Shimooi received her degree in Mechanical Engineering and worked as an engineer on the International Space Station and Space Shuttle for Rockwell Aerospace Corporation. Shimooi is also bilingual, speaking both English and Mandarin. She now uses her versatile skill set to bring stories to life as the co-founder of iDENTITY. 

Jay Torres

CEO Producer/ Director

As an award-winning producer, director, Jay has a wealth of experience in commercials, content creation, and themed entertainment, specializing in VFX, kids & action. He’s worked with Dwayne Johnson, Christopher Walken, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Garner, Terrance Howard, Chris Noth, top ad agencies & brands including Vudu, Tubi, Reebok, Footlocker, Skechers, DirecTV & all major networks and studios. In addition to directing episodic television, Jay was instrumental in helping Vudu start up their original content program which led to reboot and adapt the film “Mr. Mom” into a streaming series where he served as EP/Showrunner. Jay started as a music video editor & was nominated for numerous MTV awards for artists Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Metallica, MC Hammer & Salt N Pepa. His ability to tell compelling stories using his in-depth technical expertise was on full display when he directed the Universal Studios “Disaster: A Movie Starring You!” starring Dwayne Johnson and Christopher Walken as a hologram in the TEA Award-winning ride film. Jay then moved to long-form storytelling, directing episodic TV first as 2nd Unit Director then went on to receive award nominations for his episodic directing work on “Alias” and “Desperate Housewives”. Jay also serves on the DGA’s prestigious “Special Projects Committee”. 

Matteo Santoro

VFX Creative Director & Senior CGI Artist

Matteo has over 20 years of experience and has used his talents as a visual effects and CGI artist for  over a decade on movies like “300,” “X-Men”, and “The Incredible Hulk.”  He has also designed  album artwork for music legends Nine Inch Nails and TOOL.  He launched his directing career with  his self-produced sci-fi concept piece “OFFLINE”, opening the door for his first feature film “Higher  Power,” an indie sci-fi thriller produced by “The Matrix” franchise veteran Lorenzo di Bonaventura.  His most recent project titled “SIFT” is pushing the boundaries inside the NFT space, combining his  passion for storytelling and science fiction in a whole new way.  Santoro’s hands-on approach to  production and understanding of the visual effects world has helped him develop a unique style that  continues to defy creative boundaries.

Stefan Chao

Business Development Manager

Stefan Chao is a rarity, a native Angeleno. Born and raised in LA, he developed a wide range of skills with over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry. Some of his highlights included working for Celebrity Chef Michael Mina’s concept, Bourbon Steak, and culminating as a Guest Relations Specialist for elite Michelin-star restaurant Alexander’s Steakhouse.

Stefan has always been drawn to the creative arts and started his career in the entertainment industry as a post-production coordinator, identifying and managing VFX artists for tv and film projects. After a short freelance stint with iDENTITY,  he was brought on full-time to expand their ability to scale.  Stefan quickly rose up the ranks and was soon promoted to help develop new business opportunities in both the private and government sectors.  He was also able to transfer his skillset from the high-end hospitality industry to oversee client relations. He is energized by business-minded efforts within the creative field and has a passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion within the entertainment industry.

Roland Mesa

Creative Director/Director

From trailer editor, to studio exec, to filmmaker, Roland has worked on some of the world’s biggest films throughout his outstanding career. At 20th Century Fox, Roland was instrumental in creating audio/visual and print campaigns for “The Star Wars Trilogy: Special Edition”, Baz Luhrmann’s “Romeo + Juliet”, “Waiting to Exhale” and “Independence Day” (for which he and his team were named “Entertainment Marketers of the Year”). At The Cimarron Group, Roland produced advertising pieces for numerous films including, “X-Men”, “Elf”, and “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider”. His directorial work includes an HBO “mockumentary” on Tim Burton, an episode of “Tales From the Crypt”, and the TV movie, “Revenge of the Nerds III”. Then at Toy Box Entertainment, Roland worked on documentary and promo pieces for “The Smurfs”, “The Social Network”, “Kingsman” and so many more. Roland has also produced advertising content for Walt Disney Parks & Resorts and was honored with the Mobius Award for “Best Recreation, Leisure & Travel Campaign” and the Silver Addy for “Best National TV Campaign”. His brand work extends to corporate image videos and PSA’s for The ALS Association, AARP, The National MS Society among others, as well as the historical documentary shown on the Sony Pictures Studio Lot Tour. He recently directed multi-award winning TUBI Digital Camapign starring Chris Noth, Terrance Howard, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke and Carmen Electra.  Roland is bilingual and speaks both English and Spanish fluently.

Pat Santana

Creative Director/Director

Patricia is a Spanish director, creating game-changing narratives with striking visuals. Patricia studied Art and Design in Barcelona, and worked in advertising for over a decade before a turning point in her life led her to New York to pursue her dream of becoming a director. Patricia’s directorial projects have been selected at renowned festivals like Cinequest and Hollyshorts and her latest short film, “Streetlights”, screened at several festivals around the globe, including premiering at the Oscar-Qualifying LA Shorts Fest 2018. In 2018, Patricia had the honor to be part of the “Filming With Werner Herzog’s” workshop in the jungle of Peru–– an experience that changed her as a person and filmmaker. She is now in development of her first feature, “Mal Aire”, based on the short she shot with Herzog and recently, she was selected for Ryan Murphy’s Half Initiative program, where she shadowed EP Brad Buecker on 911 Lone Star. Today, Patricia works in LA as a commercial/branded content director. Her work as a filmmaker is driven by her philosophy that storytelling holds the power to promote tolerance and challenge the stereotypes of how certain communities are perceived. Patricia is also a proud member of WIF and NALIP. Patricia is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish fluently.

Alberto Belli


Alberto Belli was born in Mexico and currently lives in LA where he got his MFA from USC. He is a computer science engineer turned director. His diverse body of work has garnered tens of millions of views, praise from the global media, and acclaimed film festivals including — SXSW, winning the Cannes Young Lions Director Award, and being recognized twice by the Emmys Foundation for best comedy short film. He loves making people laugh. He has directed spots for international brands like Visa, Snickers, Hyundai, Pepsi, among many others. Most recently he directed his first feature for Warner Media, directed two episodes for the Netflix hit series “La Casa de las Flores”, and appeared as the sole filmmaker judge on CBS’s “The World’s Best” hosted by James Corden which premiered after the Super Bowl.

Stephan Bataillard

Executive Producer

Stephan is a talented producer with over 25 years of experience. He has worked as a trailer writer/producer and Special Shoot producer for numerous major movie companies and studios including New Line Cinema, Buena Vista, Toy Box Entertainment, and Artisan Entertainment among others. He’s also produced high-end branding films and commercial campaigns for top-tier entertainment clients that include Sony, Universal Studio, Walt Disney, Vudu, Miramax, and more. Throughout his career, Stephan has produced short films, independent features, international broadcast & theatrical commercials, and most recently themed entertainment media content. Stephan is well-versed as an executive producer, agency producer, and post producer and also well-versed bilingually, speaking fluent English and French.

Thomas Trail


Tom Trail is an experienced director, born in Argentina and growing up in Indonesia. Tom later attended USC School of Cinematic Arts, earning a double major in Still Photography and Film Direction. Tom has gone on to direct over 70 music videos, commercials, branded media, and the feature film “Klepto”, which he wrote, produced, directed and edited. “Klepto” received critical acclaim on the festival circuit and was picked up for distribution by Magnolia Pictures. Also experienced in cinematography and post-production, Tom specializes in broadcast animation, VFX, and color correction. As a current member of the DGA, Tom collaborated with Dr Dre on his acclaimed show “The Pharmacy”, serving as DP/Editor. Tom is bilingual and speaks fluent English and Spanish.